16 Jul 2011

Michael Broadbent and a whiff of merde

The award for tasting note of the month has to go to veteran Decanter columnist Michael Broadbent. In his column in the magazine's August issue, this is how Broadbent describes Louis Jadot's 1999 Charmes-Chambertin wine:

"Though a long-time admirer of Jadot," Broadbent reflects, "I was disappointed. It was showing some maturity; nose low-keyed, slightly meaty, with a whiff of merde. I thought it was better on the palate: sweet, silky, mature."


  1. Telling it like it is! Thanks. Love his tasting notes, they are from another time. Only met him once, but overwhelmed by his immaculate manners in a room full of people.


  2. Thanks for the comment Juel.

    I love his Decanter column. It's like peering into a big frosty old window into days gone by, days of sherry with elevenses and fine port after lunch.

    Thanks for the insight too - nice to hear he was a true gent.