12 Oct 2010

Secret Wines Revealed: It's Costières de Nîmes!

The true identities of the secret wines have been revealed - and sadly I didn't win. But on the plus side, I wasn't a million miles away. All three wines came from the Costières de Nîmes, an appellation that was once classed as part of the Languedoc region but is now the southernmost appellation in the Rhône valley. The region has similar stony terraces to those seen in Châteauneuf-du-Pape, an AOC which got a mention in my tasting notes for wine #390. But if truth be told, I probably wouldn't have guessed Costières de Nîmes in a month of dimanches.

Here's a quick overview of the wines:
Wine #079
My original answer: Grands Vins de Languedoc
True identity: Les Rameaux 2008, Château Grande Cassagne
Grapes: 80% syrah, 20% grenache

Wine #390
My original answer: Cahors
True identity: Capitelles des Mourgues 2008, Château Mourgues du Grès
Grapes: 85% syrah, 10% carignan, 5% grenache
Incidentally, uber-critic Robert Parker likes this one, rating it 90/100. And I'm pleased to see I was right to suggest it was at least 14%ABV (turns out it's 14.5%).

Wine #714
My original answer: Côtes du Rhône
True identity: Nostre Païs 2008 (Michel Gassier)
Grapes: 35% grenache, 25% carignan, 20% mourvèdre, 15% cinsault, 5% syrah

In summary, I'd strongly recommend wine #079 - Les Rameaux 2008 - which, it turns out, can be bought for around a fiver. A real bargain - I'd have guessed it would cost a fair bit more than that. And congratulations to Ingvar Johansson from Sweden, who got the correct answer!
Details of all the wines and more info about the Costières de Nîmes can be seen here.

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